Our Story

Hand-baked with love in small batches with top-quality ingredients, our craveable cookies are perfect for any occasion … or just to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

We’re famous for our buttercream-iced cut-outs, chewy chocolate chip cookies and many other varieties: from the classics you know and love, to creative new recipes and designs. 

Owner Jen Schertz has loved to bake since she was a little girl, working alongside her mom and grandma and learning their tried-and-true recipes and techniques. For years, she baked for friends, family and co-workers as a hobby, and in 2019, fulfilled a dream when she started Jen’s Cookie Craft. 

Let us help you make delicious memories as you celebrate your next holiday, a family event, milestone occasion, or someone special. All cookies are baked to order, custom for you! 

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Meet Jen

One of my earliest memories is baking Christmas cookies with my mom, in our ’70s split-level house’s avocado and harvest gold kitchen. Another is shaking freshly-made doughnut holes in brown paper bags of powdered sugar with my grandma. 

Sweet treats have always been a part of my life. Of course, they’re delicious, but their real magic comes from the memories connected to them and the ways they bring people together. I happen to love the process of baking—the techniques, the skills, the craft, the creativity—but it makes me even happier to know my cookies have brightened someone’s day, helped create a memory, or made a celebration a little more special!

Favorite cookie? I can’t answer that … it’d be like having to choose a favorite child. I really love sweet-and-salty combinations. But sometimes, only lots of melty chocolate will do. Then again, I’m partial to butter, brown sugar and caramel flavors… unless I’m craving something with lots of rainbow sprinkles. But there’s something about the simple perfection of vanilla… (See? I told you I couldn’t pick!)

Favorite color? Anything bright and cheerful! I love rainbows, sprinkles, and glitter. (I’m still an 8-year-old girl at heart.) 

Hobbies? In addition to baking and buying baking supplies (ask me about my cookie cutter and sprinkle collections!) I love to travel, cook “real” food, read novels, garden (as much as Ohio weather allows), and spoil my two senior Yorkies. I also have a shameful addiction to “90 Day Fiancé” and own way too many purses.

Necessary ingredients? Obviously, butter, sugar and real vanilla. But I really couldn’t do any of this without the support and love of my family. They have been there for me every step of the way as I have pursued this passion and this dream. “Baked with love” starts with them!